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I want to stay anywhere in Amsterdam in the near future with 1 person in total and no specific requirements

Kade en Suite


Kade en Suite

Kade-en-suite is a private and luxurious apartment, located in the center of Amsterdam, between the Rijksmuseum and the Heineken brewery. An exclusive guest house where atmosphere meets comfort. The ideal way to enjoy your stay in Amsterdam.

The apartment has a living room with characteristic en-suite sliding doors which lead you to the comfortable bedroom. Here your soft wake up call are the bells of the Rijksmuseum. The living is provided with LCD-TV and DVD player. The kitchenette is fully equipped and the fridge is filled to make your own breakfast.

The table is located in the conservatory, overviewing the small, but lovely garden.


Kade en Suite

1072AB Amsterdam


Unfortunately, we don’t know when this accommodation will be available. Contact the owner to find out!

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